Happy Tales is a pet sitting service, a pet transportation service and offers dog obedience training.  Our commitment is to provide professional and personalized pet services for busy families and working professionals.  We create wonderful experiences for dogs, cats, birds,  etc.  and larger pets such as horses, cows, pigs  and all critters in between.  By treating each pet as if it were our own and each person as if they were our favorite neighbor, we're making life better for pets and their people.  We are pet specialists and know pet people.  We know what's important to them:  giving their pet the very best in terms of love and care.  Sometimes work and travel can get in the way and that's where Happy Tales comes to the rescue.    Keep your pet safely at home where it is comfortable and let a professional, experienced, caring, honest animal lover come to your pets home to genuinely care for,  play with and love your pet while you are away.  Our pet sitters are First Aid Certified and qualified to keep your pet safe and happy. We are available to transport your pet to vet. visits, grooming visits or any other appointments where the pet owner is not available to take their pet.

Dog Obedience Training
So many dogs are given away, abandoned, dumped or surrendered to shelters do to bad behavior.  When a dog behaves badly it is because it is allowed and encouraged to behave badly.  For example:  when a dog jumps up on people it is because it gets attention from this behavior.  It may be good attention or bad attention . . it doesn't matter because it's attention.  A dog is not born behaving badly.  It's personality and behavior is molded by it's humans.  Learn to encourage and reward good behavior so that your dog  will be a happy, obedient, easier for the family to manage and the tricks he/she can learn will provide an energy outlet for your pet.  Working on obedience behavior with your dog and getting your dog to perform tricks provides a bonding experience for pets and family members.
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Coming Spring 2012

We are excited to announce the opening of our pet resort, spa & boutique at 4701 Southwest Drive
Jonesboro, AR  72404

Completely dedicated to and designed for your pet.

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